Leather Furniture is Healthier!

We knew it!

In Prevention® Magazine’s “Healthy Home” series in which they breakdown the best ways to have a healthier home, they recommend a leather sofa for the living room, stating:

“Unlike upholstery, leather and pleather won’t trap allergens, such as dust and pollen, and are easier to wipe clean.”

Read more about how to have a healthy living room in this series from Prevention® Magazine here

The Dexter Leather Sofa at LeatherGroups.com

The Dexter Leather Sofa at LeatherGroups.com

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Langston Leather Sofa Collection in Brompton Cocoa

Braxton Leather Sofa Collection in Brompton Cocoa

Artisano Leathers by Leather Trend – Hand Antiqued Leathers

The Artisano Leathers that LeatherTrend produces are some of the most distinctive leathers you’ll ever see.  Here’s a video that will show you the entire process from beginning to end.


Janice – The Vernazza Top Grain Leather Furniture Set

We are loving our new furniture.  You were right it is everything that you described and absolutely looks wonderful in our large media room.  the seating is very comfortable and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Here is a picture of the furniture in our media room

Janice's Vernazza Leather Furniture Set - 1 Sofa, 1 Loveseat, 2 Chairs and 2 Ottomans

Thanks again.  The wait was worth it!



“Happiness is a symptom of circumstances, JOY is a product of perspective.”

What is the advantage to purchasing leather furniture?

Leather is a beautiful material, but its wide popularity in furniture was not built on appearance alone. Leather is specially tanned, colored and treated to withstand even the most active households.

The Reno Leather Chair

Leather has several properties which make it superior to other upholstery materials. It will not tear or easily rip, even along seam lines, unlike many fabrics used on upholstered sofas. When leather is dyed, it absorbs colors, which won’t fade, or rub off. Leather is fire resistant, and won’t emit toxic fumes, even when exposed to intense heat. Also, modern leather will not crack, or peel; instead it stretches and retains its shape without sagging.

There’s nothing quite like the rich smell and feel of leather. Leather will breathe and assume body temperature rapidly making it comfortable quickly. Leather also ages well, is simple to maintain and doesn’t require any special solvents.

It’s healthier! Fabric can attract allergens and dust mites, but leather does not. Leather is recommended by many experts, including Prevention Magazine® as a healthier alternative for your home.

Leather is a natural product, so each hide’s grain is unique, much like a human fingerprint. Natural markings such as wrinkles, scars and grain variations add character and style to leather furniture, and are indications of its natural origin.