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Langston Leather Chair and Chaise Set – Brompton Walnut and Domaine Bronze


This Langston Set for our customer in Pennsylvania was an interesting mix of pieces and leathers.

Our client ordered two of our Langston Leather Chaises in Full Grain Italian Domaine Bronze leather paired with two of our Langston Leather Chairs wrapped in Italian Brompton Walnut (also a Full Grain, Italian leather). For a little variety, the customer selected one of the chairs in our 43″ deep studio version, and the other in the 48″ deep seating option. All four pieces were made with our True 8-way hand tied suspension, and as with all of our Langstons, the seat cushions are topped in Feather and Down blend while the back cushions are entirely filled with Feather and Down.

Shop these Langston Leather Furniture pieces:

Langston Leather Chair: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-Chair.html
Langston Leather Chaise: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-Chaise.html


langston-chaise-domaine-bronze-1 langston-chaise-domaine-bronze-2



43 inch deep Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

90 Inch Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa in Italian Brompton Classic Vintage

Headed from our factory in California up to Seattle Washington, we’re sure this Braxton Leather Sofa will be the location of more than a few lazy days hiding out from the rain. This customer selected the 90 inch length, our 43″ studio depth and Italian Brompton Classic Vintage leather. This leather is a lighter, warm Chestnut colored version of the popular Italian Brompton Cocoa leather. This American made leather sofa started with a solid hardwood frame, which was padded then upholstered in world class leather and finally stuffed with comfortable feather & down and supportive foam cores.

Build your Braxton: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/The-Braxton-Twin-Cushion-Leather-Sofa.html

90 inch long Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

90 inch long Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

Braxton Corner Sectional in Brompton Classic Vintage

Braxton Corner Sectional with length added in Brompton Classic Vintage

This customized Braxton Corner Sectional just finished production and with 12″ in length added to the Left Arm Facing side (117″L x 105″L x 43″D) this sectional is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This sectional was upholstered in Brompton Classic Vintage and this customer opted for the back cushions “with ears” which gives this model a slightly more traditional look.

Get your very own Braxton Corner Sectional today: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Braxton-Leather-Corner-Sectional-Sofa.html

Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa

Braxton Leather Sofa in Italian Halter Oatmeal Top Grain Leather

Sometimes good things come in small packages!  This 72″L x 43″D Braxton Twin Cushion Sofa is one of those times!!! This studio sized sofa is upholstered in the Halter Oatmeal leather and was made for a customer of ours in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.  Notice how this sofa’s back cushions don’t have ears.  With regards to furniture, an ear is the portion of a back cushion that hangs over the sofa’s arm.  As you can see with this sofa model, taking away the ears from the back cushions gives this model a slightly more contemporary look without getting TOO contemporary.  This custom made sofa has a truly classic style that is sure to be a big hit in anybody’s living room.

Design your very own custom Braxton twin cushion sofa today: http://goo.gl/QGaIeC

Braxton Leather L Sectional in Glove Chestnut

Braxton Leather “L” Sectional Sofa – Studio Depth – Glove Chestnut

Almost like proud parents we’re sad to see this one leave the nest , but this beautiful Braxton Sectional is settling in nicely at its new home in Brentwood, Missouri.  This one was built in our 43 inch “studio” depth then wrapped in our Italian Glove Chestnut leather.  A close cousin to our popular Brompton leather, our Glove leathers are waxed pull-up leathers made using the same European bull hides as Brompton, and tanned in the same legendary Italian tannery.

The “L” means this sectional is longer on one side than the other (your choice of sides) and of course we can customize dimensions to suit your needs on any of the furniture we make!

The Braxton Leather L Sectional: https://goo.gl/5J0VFV

Customer Testimonial - Braxton Leather "L" Sectional Sofa in Glove Truffle

We received our Braxton Sectional today and we love it!!

Hi LeatherGroups!
We received our sectional today and we love it!! Very pleased with the entire experience! The sectional fits great in our new home, check it out!
We are very pleased with the item, quality, service and delivery! Thanks again!

The Braxton Leather “L” Sectional: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Braxton-Leather-L-Sectional-Sofa.html
Original post when this order shipped: https://www.leathergroups.com/blog/braxton-l-sectional-sofa-in-glove-truffle-43-studio-depthmovie Sleepless download

A 108" and an 84" Langston Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

84″ and 108″ Langston Leather Sofas in Brompton Classic Vintage

These beautiful pieces are about to take a road trip to Dallas TX!

Tailored in Brompton Classic Vintage leather and pictured here, the 84″ Langston Leather Sofa and the 108″ Langston Leather Sofa. (both in our 43″ Studio depth)

The Langston: http://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-Sofa.html

84" Langston Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

84″ Langston Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage (43″ depth)

108" Langston Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

108″ Langston Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage (43″ depth)