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Need it sooner? Leather Italia In-Stock at LeatherGroups.com!

Many of our items are made to order, and sometimes customers just need their new leather furniture as quickly as possible.  With our introduction of the leather furniture line from Leather Italia, we’ve answered!

Leather Italia's Baron Leather Sofa

Leather Italia's Baron Leather Sofa

Quoting the CEO of Leather Italia USA:

Starting in 1996, a vision was born and a company formed to assure the finest quality of leather furniture available in the market place. With years of experience, our staff, tanneries, and manufacturing partners have personally assured every level of premium quality. Today, Leather Italia USA is recognized nationally as a leader and has partnered with the finest retailers in the world to offer our incredible selections. It is with confidence and excitement that we welcome you to our family of champions, “I promise to make a difference”.

-Michael Campbell, President / CEO

Leather Italia offers a range of well built leather furniture styles, and keeps them “In the Barn” (In-Stock) for quick shipping, in most cases leaving the factory warehouse in just 3-5 days.

View all of the Leather Furniture by Leather Italia at LeatherGroups.com here

Leather Italia’s three collections break up the collection by style and technology:

The Santoramo Collection:

Leather Italia Santoramo Collection

Graphic of Specs: (click to open in new window)

The Embassy Collection:

Leather Italia Embassy Collection

Graphic of Specs: (click to open in new window)

The Presidential Collection:

Leather Italia Presidential Collection

Graphic of Specs: (click to open in new window)

LeatherGroups.com welcomes Lane Furniture!

We recently added the line of Lane Leather Furniture here at LeatherGroups.com and we’re already in full gear with customer orders and our process for getting swatches out to everyone quickly.

The Leather Furniture manufactured by Lane offers great value at a great price point. Besides being Made in America (which we love), features like quality frames and Lane’s C3 pocketed coil seat cushions deliver performance and comfort.

Lane Furniture's C3 Pocket Coil Cushion

The C3 Pocketed Coil Cushion in Lane Furniture's Leather Collection offers balanced comfort and support

Lane is the largest motion leather furniture line in the US, so besides a great roundup of stationary leather sofas and sectionals, you’ll find a great selection of reclining leather furniture and leather home theater furniture, including really unique features such as their swivel recliner with console shown on the reclining leather sectional in the image above.

We’re excited about this new relationship with Lane Furniture, part of the larger entity, “Furniture Brands”‘ the owners or such esteemed brands as Thomasville, Drexel Heritage, Henredon, Broyhill, and others.

View all of the Leather Furniture styles by Lane Furniture that we carry

Dan's Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa

Dan’s Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa

Hi Jerry,

I received my sofa this past Thursday, and I’m very happy with it! It was definitely worth the wait, thank you. Normally I’d pass on being on a blog, just not my thing, but I’ll make an exception!.

A couple of pics are attached.  But brace yourself, this is undoubtedly the smallest apt a sofa like this was ever squeezed into!  Gotta love NYC living!  I had to call Dr. Sofa and they chopped it up in the hallway for me.  Was very painful to watch, but it’s still like brand new.


Dan's Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa

Dan's Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa stuffed into a tiny NYC Apartment

We’ll be posting from The World Market Center in Las Vegas August 3rd and 4th

World Market Center in Las Vegas is one of the places our team searches for new product offerings and interesting design trends.  We visit twice a year and spend a few days viewing product launches from our existing partners as well as new potential suppliers.

Besides being a great place for us to review new leather furniture offerings, the World Market Center provides a number of industry seminars on emerging technologies and trends.

Being in Las Vegas, they definitely know how to throw a party, usually featuring several hosted events during the 5 day market with world class cuisine and entertainment.  It’s a rough job when you have to travel to Las Vegas for business, eh?!

Interact with us Live while we’re there! Ask us to find something just for you!

While we’re there August 3rd and 4th, we’ll definitely be posting up images and video of interesting products and design trends we find while we’re there.  Feel free to comment below any of our posts with your thoughts, or if you’d like us to try to find something for you while we’re there and we’ll interact with you, literally from the World Market Center and try to find what you’re looking for.

Our Twitter page will also be a great way to follow and interact with us.  Whenever we update the blog here, it will automatically tweet the post, as well as posting it to our Facebook Page. If you use either of these, then follow us on twitter, or facebook and you’ll be in the loop.

We’re also going to try to capture a little bit of the fun while we’re there, and share it with you here on the blog.  Whether it’s food, drink, or music at market, we’ll share the excitement with you.  Take care and we’ll look forward to connecting with you from The World Market Center in Las Vegas!

Here are some interesting facts, as provided by the World Market Center in their Media Kit:


• Situated on 57 acres in the heart of downtown Las Vegas

• Phase One 10-story building opened in July 2005 featuring 230
showrooms and 1.3 million square feet of permanent exhibit space

• Phase Two is a 16-story building featuring 300 showrooms and 1.6
million square feet of permanent exhibit space; opened in January 2007

• Phase Three is a 16-story building featuring 400 showrooms in 2.1
million square feet; opened in July 2008.

• Phase One of the seven-story parking garage with 175,000 square feet on
each level. Phase One accommodates 3,600 vehicles; opened in July

• When fully developed, the $3 billion World Market Center will span 12
million square feet in one fully integrated campus with eight separate
buildings connected by sky bridges

• Adjacent to a 61-acre parcel, which is being developed as one of the
nation’s premier mixed-use urban centers, with residential, business and
cultural components

• Contemporary architectural design, desert landscaping and water features
blend with the indigenous Las Vegas landscape and changing colors of
the desert, sun and sky

• Easily accessible for shuttles and taxi-cabs, with plenty of lighted
parking spaces

Distinctive Architectural and Design Elements:

•    Designed by internationally renowned architect Jon Jerde

•    Extensive use of iconic elements creates an “experiential design”

•    Free flowing set of sculptured buildings designed in a collage of basic
geometric shapes creating dramatic design

•    Architectural drama and colossal scale accentuated by convergence of
exterior geometric blocks with iconic features soaring 300 feet into the
desert sky

•    Eight towering buildings surrounding a central plaza, reminiscent of
European piazzas, upon build out

•    Sky bridges at every level connecting all buildings for easy access
without ever having to exit

Economic Impact:

•    Bringing a new industry and layer of business to Nevada

•    Catalyst for economic development and revitalization of downtown Las
V egas

•    Non-gaming economic impact of semi-annual Las Vegas Markets is
nearly $200 million annually

What is the advantage to purchasing leather furniture?

Leather is a beautiful material, but its wide popularity in furniture was not built on appearance alone. Leather is specially tanned, colored and treated to withstand even the most active households.

The Reno Leather Chair

Leather has several properties which make it superior to other upholstery materials. It will not tear or easily rip, even along seam lines, unlike many fabrics used on upholstered sofas. When leather is dyed, it absorbs colors, which won’t fade, or rub off. Leather is fire resistant, and won’t emit toxic fumes, even when exposed to intense heat. Also, modern leather will not crack, or peel; instead it stretches and retains its shape without sagging.

There’s nothing quite like the rich smell and feel of leather. Leather will breathe and assume body temperature rapidly making it comfortable quickly. Leather also ages well, is simple to maintain and doesn’t require any special solvents.

It’s healthier! Fabric can attract allergens and dust mites, but leather does not. Leather is recommended by many experts, including Prevention Magazine® as a healthier alternative for your home.

Leather is a natural product, so each hide’s grain is unique, much like a human fingerprint. Natural markings such as wrinkles, scars and grain variations add character and style to leather furniture, and are indications of its natural origin.

What type of leather is best?

One of the most confusing things when looking for new leather furniture can be all the terminology involved. Here is a breakdown of some of the most pertinent terms used to describe leather.

Antique Roan Artisano Leather by Leather Trend

Antique Roan Artisano Leather by Leather Trend

Full aniline leather gets its name from the type of dyes that are used to produce the leather’s color. Leather hides are soaked and tumbled in large stainless steel drums containing the translucent dye. This dye is absorbed by the pores of the leather and permeates without covering natural markings, or grain variations. Leather hides dyed this way will have variations in the intensity of color because of the simple fact that some hides, or even portions of the same hide, will absorb more dye than others. Surface finish is not applied, and because of this, full aniline leathers are more absorbent, and will age differently than others. Over time, the leather will develop a rich patina finish, giving your leather furniture a natural character and beauty.

Semi-aniline leather is dyed the same way as full aniline leather, but then enters an additional step. The surface of the leather is micro-pigmented to achieve more uniform coloration and create color consistency from hide to hide. Next, a protective topcoat is also applied to provide additional resistance to soiling and fading. There are a wide variety of colors available in semi-aniline leathers and they exhibit much of the softness associated with full aniline leathers.

Corrected Semi-aniline leather are leathers in which naturally occurring imperfections are buffed, or lightly sanded before embossing the surface to achieve a more uniform grain. The dyeing process is the same as semi-aniline leather, however some softness in the leather is sacrificed as a result of the buffing process. These leathers are easy to maintain and have great fade, soil and wear resistance.

Why Should I Buy Leather Furniture Online?

Brentwood Leather Furniture - LeatherGroups.com

The Brentwood Curved Leather Sectional at LeatherGroups.com

The selection at LeatherGroups.com is the biggest advantage to buying your leather furniture online. We’re able to offer more styles than a local showroom and have teamed up with some of the best manufacturers in the business to bring you high quality leather furniture at great prices. All of our leather furniture is delivered by white glove delivery providers that specialize in furniture delivery. Items are picked up factory-direct and pre-inspected by the carriers before being released for delivery to ensure your product arrives in good order. All of our product pages feature detailed descriptions, images, and dimensions. On most styles, you can request a swatch to see just how the leather will look and feel. Our trained representatives are knowledgeable about our leather furniture and can assist you in making the best, informed decision.

Convenience is king with buying leather furniture online. Unlike traditional furniture stores with limited business hours, you can access information at LeatherGroups.com anytime, from anywhere.