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93.5″ Langston Leather Sleeper Sofa (Twin Cushion, 48″ deep)

Here’s a custom 93.5″ Langston Sleeper Sofa in Brompton Cocoa Mocha that was just delivered in New York, NY. This happy customer could not do the full 96″ sofa, but wanted just the right amount of interior length for napping on the couch (without pulling out the sleeper!) He also asked for a twin cushion setup instead of three cushions and selected the “full strength” 48″ depth.
6 standard lengths, from 6ft. to 11ft.
2 standard depths, 43″ or 48″
Get yours: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-Sofa.html

Langston Leather Sofa Sleeper in Brompton Cocoa with cushions off

Langston Leather Sofa Sleeper in Brompton Cocoa with cushions off

Langston Leather Sofa Sleeper - 48 inches deep - bottom cushions on

Langston Leather Sofa Sleeper – 48″ deep with bottom cushions on

96″ Langston Leather Sofa in Brompton Cocoa Mocha

Heading off to its new home in Portland Oregon, an extra deep Langston Leather Sofa:

Brompton Cocoa Mocha is an interesting leather that lightens with use, and acquires loads of character as it’s scratched, and distressed.

Get yours!:

Dan's Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa

Dan’s Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa

Hi Jerry,

I received my sofa this past Thursday, and I’m very happy with it! It was definitely worth the wait, thank you. Normally I’d pass on being on a blog, just not my thing, but I’ll make an exception!.

A couple of pics are attached.  But brace yourself, this is undoubtedly the smallest apt a sofa like this was ever squeezed into!  Gotta love NYC living!  I had to call Dr. Sofa and they chopped it up in the hallway for me.  Was very painful to watch, but it’s still like brand new.


Dan's Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa

Dan's Langston (Lancaster) Leather Sofa stuffed into a tiny NYC Apartment

Mike – 10 foot long Langston Leather Sofa!

We received our sofa (the custom 10’ Langston) yesterday and it is perfect!  We were a little weary buying online site unseen, but the couch is exactly as you described and at a MUCH better price and higher quality than Restoration Hardware.  Also, thank you for expediting our order and getting it here early as promised.  The delivery guys were great – very professional and accommodating.  We’ll be in the market again soon and will give you a call.

Here you go (pictures).  Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been out on business…


Mike and Amy

mikes 10 foot Langston Sofa 1

Langston Leather Sofa Collection in Brompton Cocoa