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Janice – The Vernazza Top Grain Leather Furniture Set

We are loving our new furniture.  You were right it is everything that you described and absolutely looks wonderful in our large media room.  the seating is very comfortable and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Here is a picture of the furniture in our media room

Janice's Vernazza Leather Furniture Set - 1 Sofa, 1 Loveseat, 2 Chairs and 2 Ottomans

Thanks again.  The wait was worth it!



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Sherry – Braxton Leather Sofa Set in Brompton Cocoa


I ordered the Braxton Sofa, a Chair with 12″ added to the length and an ottoman.

We received our sofa and other furniture on Monday. We love them!!!!!!!!!!

The first night we all fell asleep on them watching TV! LOL. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery. We really appreciate it!


Clackamas County, Oregon

Braxton Leather Furniture Collection in Brompton Cocoa

Braxton Leather Furniture Collection in Brompton Cocoa

Richard – Braxton Leather Furniture Set in Brompton Cocoa


We received our furniture this week and we love it! We were extremely nervous making such a large purchase on line without actually seeing the furniture in person. It is exactly what we wanted though! Please feel free to use me as a testimonial or reference!


Brentwood Tennessee

Braxton Leather Furniture Collection - Brompton Cocoa

Braxton Leather Furniture Collection – Brompton Cocoa

Fern – Vernazza Leather Sofa and Loveseat Set

Daniel, we received our couch and loveseat and it is absolutely beautiful and the quality is excellent.  The delivery people were A+!


Columbus, IN

Vernazza Leather Furniture Set at LeatherGroups.com


Joe – Los Angeles Leather Furniture Set

Hi Dan,  I received the furniture today.  It’s beautiful!


Frisco, TX

Los Angeles Leather Furniture Collection at LeatherGroups.com

Los Angeles Leather Furniture Collection at LeatherGroups.com

Kimberly – Borghese Top Grain Leather Conversation Sofa Set by Leather Trend


Just got the couch and ottoman today.  We love it!  It’s very comfortable, and high quality.


Pittsburgh, PA

Borghese Leather Sofa at LeatherGroups.com

Ann – Tan/Caramel Nailhead Trim Leather Sofa Set

I would like to let you know that I received my furniture in satisfactory condition and would like to comment on the delivery.

I am not sure of the man’s name who delivered, but he was extremely pleasant and was lacking a helper that day due to illness. He managed to bring in a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman all by himself no problem and with a smile. He brought everything up 2 sets of 6 stairs, unpacked it, cleaned it up and put the legs on. This man had gotten a little lost that night and then had a long driveway to back down with a 24 ft truck with a trailer attached. The driveway also had no lights! He had a positive attitude that nothing was a problem and assured me that he would be able to get everything done even with lack of a helper. I could tell he had a long day and was exhausted since this was later in the evening. I was very impressed with the delivery and wanted to compliment this man to let you know to continue using his services.
I’m not sure if I was to sign anything for this delivery, but did not in the midst of all the chaos. Please accept this note as proof that the delivery took place on Thursday, 10/01/09 and everything with the furniture and delivery was fine. Thank you.


New York State

LuAnn – The Massimo 4pc. Leather Furniture Set

Hey guys,

We love our furniture.  We have been very busy with graduation so it took me a while to get to this.

Massimo Leather Sofa at LeatherGroups.com