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Braxton Leather L Sectional in Glove Chestnut

Braxton Leather “L” Sectional Sofa – Studio Depth – Glove Chestnut

Almost like proud parents we’re sad to see this one leave the nest , but this beautiful Braxton Sectional is settling in nicely at its new home in Brentwood, Missouri.  This one was built in our 43 inch “studio” depth then wrapped in our Italian Glove Chestnut leather.  A close cousin to our popular Brompton leather, our Glove leathers are waxed pull-up leathers made using the same European bull hides as Brompton, and tanned in the same legendary Italian tannery.

The “L” means this sectional is longer on one side than the other (your choice of sides) and of course we can customize dimensions to suit your needs on any of the furniture we make!

The Braxton Leather L Sectional: https://goo.gl/5J0VFV

Arizona XL Leather Sectional Sofa by LeatherGroups

Arizona XL Leather Sectional in Brompton Classic Vintage

Recently delivered to its’ new home in Rhode Island, this Arizona XL Leather Sectional is done in the ever popular Italian Brompton Classic Vintage leather. Decked out with a roomy Chaise lounge, Biscuit tufted seats, loose backs, and made in Los Angeles, CA!

Configure your Arizona Sectional:

Braxton Leather Sofa Chaise Sectional in Glove Timberwolf

Guarded by our visiting mascot, Max, then delivered just minutes away from our Custom Furniture Factory in Los Angeles, CA, here’s a Braxton Sofa Chaise Sectional in our 46″ depth, wrapped in Glove Timberwolf leather (English Bull Hides, tanned in Italy)

How can we customize yours?: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Braxton-Leather-Sofa-Chaise-Sectional.html

Braxton L Sectional Sofa in Glove Truffle leather - Studio 43 inch depth

Braxton L Sectional Sofa in Glove Truffle – 43″ Studio Depth

This one is about to be packed up for a trip to Columbus, OH:
A Braxton L Sectional Sofa in Glove Truffle. Our Glove leathers share the same characteristics as the Brompton Cocoa Mocha leather, just with a bit deeper color that doesn’t lighten quite as dramatically when distressed.
More info on this sectional:

Michael’s Langston Leather Sectional Sofa

I have truly enjoyed the quality of this sectional sofa.  It seems to be getting softer everyday.  Very good quality leather with soft down/feather cushions.  Fits 7-8 people very easily.  Good price for the quality of product. Look forward to getting a matching 44″ cocktail matching ottoman. Thanks and best wishes. Michael Franklin, TN Link to the one I bought: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-L-Sectional-Sofa.html Pictures:

Michael's Custom Langston (Lancaster) Corner Sectional

Michael’s Custom Langston (Lancaster) Corner Sectional – Michael started with our Langston L Sectional as a base, then added a seat to the shorter end, making it one big corner sectional!

Right Side of Michael's Langston (Lancaster) Sectional Sofa

The Reno Leather Sectional Sofa Collection at LeatherGroups.com

Robyn – Reno Sectional Sofa with Chaise by LeatherGroups


We ordered the Reno Sectional in Sevilla Cordovan.  We are really enjoying our sofa – it is beautiful and comfortable!

Unfortunately, when we ordered we did not know we would be moving to a new home, and we’re going to need the chaise on the opposite side for the new space.  We love this sofa and will be ordering another one shortly!!


Scottsdale, AZ

Sevilla Cordovan

Sevilla Cordovan

Reno Sectional Sofa with Chaise by Leather Trend - C123

Reno Sectional Sofa with Chaise by Leather Trend – C123