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Testimonial from Kellie: USA Premium Leather Sectional Sofa in Brompton Tobacco

Thank you so much Kellie! We’re glad your sectional has been serving you well and that we could be of service after the sale!:

We had a wonderful experience with this company. We purchased a sectional several years ago and it's still in excellent…

Posted by Kellie Amber on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Testimonial from Kimberly: 2 Braxton Leather Sofas in Italian Brompton Cocoa

Thank you so much Kimberly! It was a pleasure building those two Braxton Leather Sofas!:

Build your own Braxton Leather Sofa: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Braxton-Leather-Furniture-Collection.html

Customer Review – Gil: Langston Leather Sofa and Loveseat – Glove Truffle

Thank you Gil! It was great working with you and it’s very rewarding when we are able to know that we were helpful in your process! Enjoy your Langston pieces!


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Kim's Braxton L Sectional

Testimonial from Kim: Braxton L Sectional in Brompton Cocoa

Feedback like this makes our day! Thanks so much for sharing Kim, your Braxton Sectional looks perfect in that room!

Arizona Mini-L Sectional Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage

Testimonial from Jason: Arizona Mini L Sectional Sofa – Brompton Classic

Thanks Jason! We’re thrilled you’re happy with your new Arizona Sectional!:

get your own Arizona Sectional: goo.gl/FA3PCT

Customer Testimonial - Braxton Leather "L" Sectional Sofa in Glove Truffle

We received our Braxton Sectional today and we love it!!

Hi LeatherGroups!
We received our sectional today and we love it!! Very pleased with the entire experience! The sectional fits great in our new home, check it out!
We are very pleased with the item, quality, service and delivery! Thanks again!

The Braxton Leather “L” Sectional: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Braxton-Leather-L-Sectional-Sofa.html
Original post when this order shipped: https://www.leathergroups.com/blog/braxton-l-sectional-sofa-in-glove-truffle-43-studio-depthmovie Sleepless download

Braxton Leather "L" Sectional Sofa in Clearance Vintage Brown

I had searched far and wide for a ‘distressed leather’ sofa

I had searched far and wide for a ‘distressed leather’ sofa and almost purchased a sofa and loveseat combination from a big retailer. I found the Leathergroups website and immediately liked the sectionals that I was seeing on the website better than the combination that I would have spent more for at one of the big retailer sites I had been contemplating beforehand.

 I held my breath and ordered the L-sectional in brown vintage leather online (after reading many good testimonials and reviews on the website and on Facebook). A representative contacted me immediately to verify the details of my order (i.e. that he had my chosen depth and that the L was facing the correct way). My couch was made within the shorter end of the timeframe specified (maybe even a few days early) and the same rep gave updates along the way and sent a picture of the finished product before arranging delivery.

 There were a few snags with delivery – the delivery company picked my sofa up a few days late from Leathergroups and canceled my delivery (in Florida) the day before it was supposed to happen. However, Jerry at LeatherGroups immediately contacted management and made sure that redelivery was arranged as quickly as possible. My couch arrived today. It was wrapped up extremely securely and the delivery guys were really fantastic about getting it into the house and setting it up where I wanted it to be. The couch looks great, is very comfortable and I’m really glad I bought it!

 Thanks Jerry!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Braxton Leather Sofa!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa and Ottoman! My items arrived on schedule and the delivery men were great. I also love that I was able to customize the length of my sofa which allowed me to make the most of the wall space where I was placing it. Best of all, Leather Groups prices were significantly lower than the well known high end furniture store where I first saw this sofa. It’s more beautiful than the pictures convey and very, very comfy. This is definitely a sofa for folks looking to relax, lounge, read, or enjoy watching movies. I’ve also had a house guest sleep on it for about a week and they’ve had plenty of room to stretch out (it’s a very deep sofa and mine happens to be 90″ long). I was a little concerned about making such a significant purchase on-line but I’m glad I did as I could not be happier! Robin A in Illinois