Langston Leather Chaise in Italian Brompton Classic Vintage


we apply American Craftsmanship, World Class Materials and a lot of Love to build Leather Furniture that you'll be proud of.

Learn more about how we build our Leather Furniture Collections right here in California

Suspension Options

We offer two durable, High Quality Suspension Options: 8-way Hand Tied Suspension and Heavy Gauge Sinuous Spring Suspension. Both are built to last and covered under our Lifetime Warranty.

Heavy 9 Gauge Sinuous Spring Suspension

Sinuous Spring Suspension

Heavy Gauge Sinuous Springs are stretched from the front to the back of the Frame. These Springs are rolled & tempered, which causes the metal shape memory to naturally push upward in the center of each Sinuous Spring, against the weight being supported. The 8 Gauge Steel used for this Suspension is much thicker than the industry standard for long lasting durability and support.

True 8-way Hand Tied Suspension

8-way Hand Tied Suspension

This Suspension is built by hand onto the Frame. After mounting a Support Layer and Helical Coils, the Coils are tied using Italian Twine to the surrounding Coils "8 ways" before covering them in Muslin Material. This Suspension is a bit more flexible, but we have a tough time feeling a difference through the cushions. Both of our Suspensions have a Lifetime Warranty.

Built on a Solid Foundation

Our Hardwood Frame is a foundation worthy of the Quality Materials and Effort that we put into our Leather Furniture

American made Kiln-dried Solid Hardwood Frame

Kiln Dried, Solid Hardwood

Our Frames are crafted with Kiln-dried Solid Hardwood from the ground up. We don't try to cut costs by using less expensive plywoods or other furniture laminates.

Reinforced Hardwood Frame, built in America

Built and Reinforced by Hand

Every Frame is built to order by a seasoned Craftsman. Features like Corner Block Reinforcement and ample Cross Support ensure durable long lasting support.

Seat & Back Cushions

Our Cushions are designed to offer Comfort, Support, Performance and Serviceability.

Feather & Down cushioning in Seat Cushions and Back Cushions

Feather & Down

Nothing says comfort like Feather & Down cushioning. We use a blend of Feather & Down in both the Seat & Back Cushions of our Leather Furniture. The Back Cushions contain a channeled insert filled entirely with Feather & Down, while the Seat Cushions contain a zippered Feather & Down Shell with a durable Foam Core inside.

Feather & Down Cushions that are Serviceable

Serviceable for the Long Haul

Our Leathers are selected to last, so we've built our Cushions to be serviceable. Unzip the Seat Cover to reveal a zippered Feather & Down Shell giving you full access to the Foam Core. It's a great option to have years down the road when your Leather is just getting good, but you'd like to freshen up the Cushions.

Attention to Every Order

Each and every Customer order is important to the team here . We like to measure twice and cut once, so we pay close attention to the details. Our Detailed Order Confirmation Process after a customer submits an order ensures we get everything just right, even if you may not have been sure which options to select while ordering :)

Sneak Preview

We know it can be hard to wait, especially for something as cool as a new American Made Leather Sofa, so once your order completes we'll send you a quick photo or two taken just about the time your order ships. Be aware that they will be raw photos in the factory, and you're likely to see a few odds and ends laying around :)

Preview Photo of your Leather Furniture Order

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