Customize just about any aspect of our Leather Furniture


We can customize just about any aspect of our Leather Furniture.

Learn more about how we customize our American made Leather Furniture

Almost Limitless Custom Options

Sometimes our customers just need something a little more unique, so we offer customization and can accomodate just about any request. Popular customizations include length or depth modifications, alternate cushion configurations, addition of nail head trim, and custom shaping. Contact us using the form below and one of our helpful team members will work to provide you with information without pressuring you to buy. We're just here to serve!

Custom application of nail head trim for your leather furniture

Nail Head Trim

Select a style of nail head that makes you smile, and for a nominal custom fee we'll hand apply the trim according to your preference of placement. You can simply note "Nailhead Trim" in the Customer Notes when ordering or Contact Us to get started :)

Custom Length or Depth for your Leather Furniture

Custom Length or Depth

You can modify the length and/or depth of your Leather Furniture, and our custom fees won't break the bank. We'll consult with you on the best cushion configuration and all dimensions involved. Our Detailed Order Confirmation process ensures that we'll get it right. Some of our styles offer the option to add length right on the product page, but you can Contact Us and we'll give you a quote and instructions for your specific to your needs.

Select a Cushion Configuration on your Leather Furniture that works for you

Cushion Configuration

All of our models have default cushion configurations as shown, but often you can modify the configuration of your cushions. For example, a sofa with 3 seats can be configured as 2 seats, or vice versa. Let us know in the Customer Notes during checkout if you have a preference and your customized cushion configuration will be included in the Detailed Order Confirmation Email we send to you after you order.

Design a Custom Shape for your Leather Furniture's frame.

Custom Shapes

Looking for something really custom? All of the models in our Leather Furniture Collections are made to order so we can customize almost any aspect of any model for you. Rounded Corners, Split Sofas with Connectors, Custom Shapes, Tufting; we've done it all at least once. We can even build furniture from just a photo that has inspired you. Contact us and our team will help you achieve your custom goals.

We'll build you a Split Sofa, if you'd like to get a larger scale piece, and fit it into an Apartment or small space

Split Sofas

If you're looking to order one of our more generously sized Leather Sofas, but might have a challenge getting one inside your home, we can offer a Custom Split version of our sofas for a small custom fee. Your sofa will be built in two sections with connectors and extra middle support legs. Contact us for a quote

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