Custom LAF Braxton Mini L Sectional in Burnham Molasses – 118″ x 110″ x 46″D


LAF Braxton Mini L Sectional Burnham Molasses RAF – rear-view

This client customized our Braxton Mini L Sectional by adding 10″ to the shorter end, making the overall dimensions 118″ x 110″ (standard is 118″ x 98″).  The leather selection is Burnham Molasses, an amazing Full Grain Nubuck Leather from New Zealand (North Island)


LAF Braxton Mini L Sectional Burnham Molasses – front view

Burnham is Full Aniline Nubuck features all of the rugged natural character of our other full grain leathers, but with a comfortable twist. The finish on this leather varies across the furniture, ranging from smooth, matte, waxy areas to areas with an almost suede like feel with a slight nap. Burnham Leather is brought in from the North Island of New Zealand, is extremely popular and only available in limited quantities. This leather is aniline dyed and will display shade variation across each piece of furniture. Burnham is also an un-corrected leather that will display all of the character of it’s natural origins, including healed scars and shade variation


LAF Braxton Mini L Sectional Burnham Molasses LAF – rear view

Burnham is offered in a variety of different colors, and the best way to select a leather is to see samples of them in person. We’ll send out samples of a variety of leather styles and colors so that you can see them in your own space. We’re also happy to work with you on the phone, or via email to really narrow down the types and colors of leather so that we can get the right samples in your hands!


LAF Braxton Mini L Sectional Burnham-Molasses LAF side view