What are the different types of suspension used in Leather Furniture?

There are several different types of suspensions used in the construction of leather furniture.  We’d like to cover some of the most common for you here:

Drop in Coil Suspension

8 Way Hand-Tied Coil Suspension - Before being tied

8-way Coil Suspension refers to a drop in coil unit with a comfortable yet supportive feel. This suspension type minimizes the load on the frame.
Sinuous Spring Suspension is comprised of S-shaped wires also known as “S coils”, which are fastened with clips and nails to the frame. These “S coils” are aligned every few inches from front to back under the seat cushion, or top to bottom under the seatbacks. This is a durable suspension that provides a somewhat firmer support for your leather furniture.
Pocketed Coils Pocketed coils are inside the bottom seat cushions of some of our leather furniture. These are pocketed coil units, or “marshall” coil units. Each coil is encased in high density, specially designed fabric which is ultrasonically welded to the other encased coils in the unit. These units are used in the seat cushions of our flagship products in addition to 8-way or S coil suspension to enhance support and stability.