Braxton Leather sofa with custom length and depth

Braxton Leather Sofa – Custom Dimensions – 98″ x 48″

This one arrived safe and sound in Cranford, NJ!

This customer started with our standard Braxton Leather Sofa, increased the length to 98″ and increased the depth to 48″!  This customer’s order was wrapped in Brompton Classic Vintage, a great saddle/chestnut colored version of our popular Brompton Cocoa Mocha full The Interview 2014 movie

Super Deep Custom Braxton Leather Sofa

Super Deep Custom Braxton Leather Sofa (4 feet deep!)

We offer the option for custom dimensions on all of the styles of leather furniture we carry that are produced by us and our custom fees won’t break the bank! ( Custom Leather Furniture at LeatherGroups )