90″ x 46″ Braxton Leather Sofa with Storage Ottoman in Italian Berkshire Chestnut Leather

Extend the seating using a Braxton Leather Storage Cocktail Ottoman – 38″ x 29″ shown in Italian Berkshire Chestnut

It was great working with this customer in Iowa to select her perfect combo; a Braxton Leather Sofa paired with a matching Braxton Leather Storage Ottoman, all dressed in beautiful Italian Berkshire Chestnut leather.

The Braxton Leather Sofa in Italian Berkshire Chestnut (90″ x 46″) – Perfection

Berkshire Chestnut is one of our more popular leather selections. This leather scratches easily (they blend easily too) but the accumulation of those scratches becomes part of the character as this leather burnishes and polishes, developing its patina over time. The first few scratches can be alarming, but it’s part of the process, and the end result is part of what people love about these oiled pullup leathers. Berkshire is also a full grain, which means it’s not corrected or mechanically altered and it will feature natural markings and scars, which are again part of the character. Berkshire is also Full Aniline, so all of the color is achieved by soaking and tumbling the hides in drums of translucent aniline dyes. These dyes do not paint or cover up natural color variation and markings inherent across natural leather hides, they merely lend color to the natural beauty of the hide.

Braxton Leather Sofa (90″ x 46″) in Italian Berkshire Chestnut with a matching Braxton Leather Storage Ottoman (38″ x 29″) hanging out off to the side

Our Braxton Leather Storage Ottoman is a popular add on option for customers buying our Braxton Leather Sofas and Sectionals. Struts assist with opening the lid to reveal storage, and also slow the closing of the lid for a soft landing. Customers love to use these ottomans as coffee tables, simply placing a tray on the ottoman, and with the tray removed, the ottoman can be used to extend the sofa seating, or even independently off to the side as extra seating in a pinch.

This customer opted for the 46″ depth Braxton Leather Sofa, boasting approximately 29″ of seat depth, and with the ottoman in front of the sofa the chaise effect is hard to beat 🙂

Build your Braxton Leather Sofa:

Configure a matching Braxton Ottoman:

Strut assisted open/close on the Braxton Leather Storage Ottoman – shown in Italian Berkshire Chestnut Leather

The perfect place to hide a few things – The Braxton Leather Storage Cocktail Ottoman – Italian Berkshire Chestnut Leather