I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Braxton Leather Sofa!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa and Ottoman! My items arrived on schedule and the delivery men were great. I also love that I was able to customize the length of my sofa which allowed me to make the most of the wall space where I was placing it. Best of all, Leather Groups prices were significantly lower than the well known high end furniture store where I first saw this sofa. It’s more beautiful than the pictures convey and very, very comfy. This is definitely a sofa for folks looking to relax, lounge, read, or enjoy watching movies. I’ve also had a house guest sleep on it for about a week and they’ve had plenty of room to stretch out (it’s a very deep sofa and mine happens to be 90″ long). I was a little concerned about making such a significant purchase on-line but I’m glad I did as I could not be happier! Robin A in Illinois