96″ Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa in Brompton Vintage

We almost don’t want to let this one go, but our customer in Jersey City, NJ might take issue with that!:
8ft Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa in Brompton Classic Vintage – (our 46″ Deep version)

8ft. Braxton Twin Leather Sofa in Brompton Vintage

8ft. Braxton Twin Leather Sofa in Brompton Vintage


96″ Braxton Leather Sofa in Glove Timberwolf

We’ve got one very excited customer in Virginia after a first glimpse of her two 96″ Braxton Sofas in this beautiful Glove Timberwolf leather!

Get yours here!: Braxton Twin Cushion Leather Sofa

Langston Leather Sofa Chaise Sectional in Brompton Cocoa Mocha

Just delivered in Escondido CA, a rush order for a cozy Langston Sofa Chaise Sectional in custom sizing: 151″ long and the sofa portion is 48″ deep!

Brompton Cocoa is a great leather that, like a good baseball mitt, requires some break in. We’re sure these customers will have no problem with that!

Braxton Leather “Grande Corner” Sectional Sofa in Brompton Cocoa Mocha

Another Braxton Leather Sectional Sofa on its way out the door!

Expertly tailored for Byron, a customer in TN, our Braxton Leather “Grande Corner” Sectional in Brompton Cocoa Mocha (46″ deep version).


96″ Langston Leather Sofa in our 43″ depth

Our Langston Leather Sofa in the 43″ depth, tailored in our Brompton Classic Vintage leather, a European hide leather, finished in Italy. Looks great, and will look even better in the home of it’s new owner in Lafayette, Louisiana!
More info: http://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-Sofa.html

Michael’s Langston Leather Sectional Sofa

I have truly enjoyed the quality of this sectional sofa.  It seems to be getting softer everyday.  Very good quality leather with soft down/feather cushions.  Fits 7-8 people very easily.  Good price for the quality of product. Look forward to getting a matching 44″ cocktail matching ottoman. Thanks and best wishes. Michael Franklin, TN Link to the one I bought: https://www.leathergroups.com/shop/Langston-Leather-L-Sectional-Sofa.html Pictures:

Michael's Custom Langston (Lancaster) Corner Sectional

Michael’s Custom Langston (Lancaster) Corner Sectional – Michael started with our Langston L Sectional as a base, then added a seat to the shorter end, making it one big corner sectional!

Right Side of Michael's Langston (Lancaster) Sectional Sofa

Need it sooner? Leather Italia In-Stock at LeatherGroups.com!

Many of our items are made to order, and sometimes customers just need their new leather furniture as quickly as possible.  With our introduction of the leather furniture line from Leather Italia, we’ve answered!

Leather Italia's Baron Leather Sofa

Leather Italia's Baron Leather Sofa

Quoting the CEO of Leather Italia USA:

Starting in 1996, a vision was born and a company formed to assure the finest quality of leather furniture available in the market place. With years of experience, our staff, tanneries, and manufacturing partners have personally assured every level of premium quality. Today, Leather Italia USA is recognized nationally as a leader and has partnered with the finest retailers in the world to offer our incredible selections. It is with confidence and excitement that we welcome you to our family of champions, “I promise to make a difference”.

-Michael Campbell, President / CEO

Leather Italia offers a range of well built leather furniture styles, and keeps them “In the Barn” (In-Stock) for quick shipping, in most cases leaving the factory warehouse in just 3-5 days.

View all of the Leather Furniture by Leather Italia at LeatherGroups.com here

Leather Italia’s three collections break up the collection by style and technology:

The Santoramo Collection:

Leather Italia Santoramo Collection

Graphic of Specs: (click to open in new window)

The Embassy Collection:

Leather Italia Embassy Collection

Graphic of Specs: (click to open in new window)

The Presidential Collection:

Leather Italia Presidential Collection

Graphic of Specs: (click to open in new window)